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Government's role in oil and gas development

The value of public input

During public consultations, people often ask whether their voice influences the shape of a project.  The answer is yes.  In a recent National Energy Board decision on the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion “the majority of the 157 conditions resulted from concerns and solutions presented by the public during the project hearing process”.

In Yukon, First Nations and public input are sources of valuable information that help shape and guide resource development decisions. Informed decisions are not just based on scientific information and operational data. Citizen, stakeholder and traditional knowledge all play a large role in shaping responsible decision making on resource development projects.

First Nations and the public have numerous opportunities to influence resource development projects in Yukon.  First Nations are the leaders who led the fight for the creation of a development assessment process that recognizes the importance of and includes First Nations and public consultation.

Often, a project application that has made it through all the processes and reviews looks much different than the original version submitted at the start of the process. Thanks to First Nation and public participation, Yukoners assist government regulators in identifying matters of concern and appropriately addressing them.

Ultimately, we achieve better decisions and better projects.

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