Energy, Mines and Resources

Oil and Gas Resources

What We Do

Yukon’s Oil and Gas Resources branch is mandated to encourage the development of Yukon’s resource potential and emerging oil and gas industry; and to manage Yukon’s oil and gas resources and regulate oil and gas activity. It is responsible for:

  • promoting northern infrastructure development, such as pipelines;
  • supporting the growth of Yukon’s service and supply sector;
  • marketing Yukon’s resource potential and development activities;
  • marketing Yukon’s interests in northern pipeline development;
  • managing Yukon’s interests in offshore Beaufort Sea development;
  • developing and implementing the common oil and gas regime; including the legislation, regulation, policies, procedures and guidelines;
  • issuing and managing oil and gas rights;
  • administering royalty revenues, and disbursing Crown royalties to First Nations;
  • issuing licenses and regulating activity;
  • supporting benefit agreement negotiations;
  • disseminating geological and resource related information;
  • promoting industry interest and investment in Yukon oil and gas; and
  • supporting and coordinating capacity building, education programs, and oil and gas training.


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