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Good Energy Residential Incentives program introduced

The Yukon government is introducing a new energy incentive program that supports Yukoners in renovating existing homes or in building new super-insulated homes to achieve greater energy savings. Another component of the new program offers an incentive to reduce the capital costs of installing smaller-scale, residential renewable energy system to generate electricity.

Cutting a Christmas Tree this Holiday Season?

Yukon householders can cut a maximum of two Christmas trees from Yukon public land for the holidays. When looking for your Christmas tree, please respect property rights and do not cut trees within municipal boundaries.

Current News Releases

Land development protocols empower Yukon municipalities
December 16, 2014
- Land development protocols empower municipalities to plan long-term land development.

Incentive program introduced to improve the energy efficiency of Yukon homes
December 15, 2014
- New Good Energy Residential Incentive program improves energy efficiency and lowers household energy bills.

The Yukon government recognizes excellence in mining practices
November 18, 2014
- Awards for excellence in mining reclamation were given out at the Geoscience awards banquet last night.

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