Energy, Mines and Resources

Energy, Mines & Resources

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Good Energy Residential Incentives program introduced

The Yukon government is introducing a new energy incentive program that supports Yukoners in renovating existing homes or in building new super-insulated homes to achieve greater energy savings. Another component of the new program offers an incentive to reduce the capital costs of installing smaller-scale, residential renewable energy system to generate electricity.

Current News Releases

Government of Yukon provides incentives for mineral exploration
January 26, 2015
- Yukon government announces incentives for mineral exploration industry.

Premier and ministers showcase Yukon’s mining industry at Roundup
January 23, 2015
- Premier and ministers showcase Yukon’s commitment to mining industry.

Land development protocols empower Yukon municipalities
December 16, 2014
- Land development protocols empower municipalities to plan long-term land development.

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