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Assessment and Abandoned Mines

Care and maintenance

Care and maintenance activities are unique to each abandoned mine site. For further details, visit each site’s care and maintenance tab on this website.

What is care and maintenance?

Care and maintenance is the term used to describe the activities that are ongoing at an abandoned mine site to protect human health, safety and the environment while a remediation (closure) plan is developed and finalized.

The Government of Yukon is responsible for managing abandoned mine sites through ongoing care and maintenance operations. One of the ways the government meets this repsonsibility is through hiring an environmental engineering firm which can provide onsite services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure the site remains in safe and stable condition.

What sorts of activities are done as part of care and maintenance?

Working closely with the Government of Yukon, the care and maintenance contractor will manage environmental risks associated with tailings impoundments, hazardous materials and open pits.

Often, a large part of care and maintenance can be monitoring water quality, collecting/treating contaminated water and making sure that water leaving the site meets acceptable standards and is safe for the environment.

Another big job is keeping roads, buildings, dams and stream channels in safe working condition. Care of idle infrastructure and machinery is also included in the care and maintenance program.

Public health and safety considerations and emergency response plans also continue to be an important component of care and maintenance operations.