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Agriculture Internship

The objective of this program is to provide an opportunity for new entrants to the Yukon agriculture and agri-food processing industries to gain knowledge and experience in northern agriculture through internships with established members of Yukon’s agriculture industry.

Eligible Activities

  • Employing an intern to teach them about agricultural production in Yukon. The intern must demonstrate a commitment to work in the industry and should have some agricultural background, education, training or experience.
  • An intern is an individual who is eligible to work in Yukon and has a demonstrated interest in the agriculture and agri-food industry. Preference will be given to Canadian interns.
  • The internship term will be for a minimum of eight weeks to a maximum of 25 weeks.

Eligible Applicants

Established members of the Yukon agriculture and agri-food processing industries who employ new entrants to the industry in their agri-business. The applicant and intern must include a learning plan with identified goals as part of the funding application. The applicant and intern will be responsible for completing an evaluation report at the end of the internship. Immediate family members are not eligible for this program.

Eligible Funding

For an internship, the applicant is eligible to claim up to 50% of the intern wages to a maximum of $5,000 per year and $15,000 over the life of the program. In-kind wage expenses may include costs for room and board provided to the intern by the applicant. Any other funding will only be provided on the basis of the actual wages and wage expenses paid. Financial documentation
verifying these expenditures must be provided.

Please fill out the GF2 Learning Plan supplemental form.
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