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Biosecurity Risk Prevention and Mitigation

This program provides for the implementation of systems and programs that will allow the territory to identify, manage and mitigate emerging risks to animal and plant health, with a focus on prevention or mitigation of identified risks. This program will also provide support for the continuation of the Chronic Wasting Disease monitoring program.

Eligible Activities

Activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • adoption of national biosecurity measures that support Yukon
    livestock and game farm industries;
  • activities related to surveillance, prevention and control of
    plant and animal diseases, as well as invasive species;
  • activities related to the communication of plant and animal
    health information;
  • travel to meetings, workshops or conferences related to
    animal and plant health risks; and
  • participation on local or national committees established to
    address biosecurity concerns.

Eligible Applicants

Individuals, farm groups, cooperatives, non-profit organizations and governments.

Eligible Funding

Assistance may be provided for up to 50% of the project costs for individuals if in-kind contributions are included in the application, and up to 60% if there are no in-kind contributions, up to 75% of the project costs for farm groups and cooperatives, and up to 100% of the project costs for governments and non-profit organizations.

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