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Environmental Farm Plan

This plan provides support to implement initiatives aimed at stewardship of the environment.

The public demands high-quality food that is produced in a clean environment. As in other industries, agricultural production practices are under scrutiny and the public is having a greater say in how the agriculture industry produces food.

The primary purpose of the Environmental Farm Plan is to assist producers in assessing environmental risks on their farms. The plan involves the completion of a workbook that is then reviewed by a planning advisor.

Workbooks must be reviewed every five years in order to remain eligible for Beneficial Management Practices funding.

Please contact the Agriculture Branch for a copy of the workbook.

Eligible Activities

After an Environmental Farm Plan has been completed and approved, funding is available to implement eligible on-farm Beneficial Management Practices.

Eligible Applicants

Individuals who have a completed and approved plan that has been reviewed within the last five years are eligible to fund beneficial management practices.

Eligible Funding

Assistance may be provided for up to 50% of project costs if in-kind contributions are included in the application and up to 60% if there are no in-kind contributions by the applicant.

Eligible Beneficial Management Practices Maximum
Land drainage $5,000
Manure storage and management $5,000
Compost facilities $10,000
Slaughter waste management $5,000
Storing and handling fertilizers, pesticides and petroleum products $20,000
Protecting and drilling water wells $5,000
Installing remote watering systems for livestock: pasture pipelines, pumps and power systems $5,000
Establishing windbreaks and buffers $5,000
Installing cross fence to maintain pasture integrity $10,000
Building power lines to pump sites, remote watering stations, dugouts and well heads $5,000
Improving pump intakes $5,000
Controlling invasive species: chemical, biological, mechanical and cultural controls $10,000
Making efficiency upgrades: electric pumps, low pressure nozzles and fuel efficiency upgrades $10,000
Constructing and maintaining dugouts $5,000
Providing livestock watering systems $5,000
Constructing water storage systems $5,000
Developing water sources $5,000
Instituting other practices identified in an approved EFP $5,000

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