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Yukon Livestock Health

The objective of this program is to monitor, support and improve the health and welfare of Yukon livestock including poultry, swine, cattle, small ruminants (goats and sheep), horses and game farmed species.

The program will provide support for educational publications and activities related to livestock health, biosecurity and food safety based on recognized national animal care codes of practice. This program will also provide veterinary support for the assessment and monitoring of animal health in order to build a Yukon livestock health database. Database information will be used to monitor livestock health trends over time, provide pertinent information to Yukon producers and will be shared with other jurisdictions as required to support national animal health surveillance systems.

Please contact the Animal Health Unit at 867-667-8663 for further details and enrollment.

Eligible Activities

This program will be directed from the Animal Health Unit.

Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • education for veterinarians, producers and the general public;
  • livestock health/veterinary support for producers including a herd or flock “health visit” by a veterinarian to the farm to assess the farm and livestock and a follow-up visit; and
  • development of a Yukon Livestock Health Database.

Eligible Applicants

Individual producers that would like to be part of the health support component must enroll in the Yukon Premise ID Program and will be asked to share results of animal health assessments and testing, and herd/flock health questionnaires with the Animal Health Unit and Agriculture Branch.

Private Yukon veterinarians benefit from the program through education provided by the program. Veterinarians also work as partners with the Animal Health Unit and Agriculture Branch to provide veterinary care and herd/flock health support, funded through the Livestock Health Program.

Eligible Funding

Producers participating in this program may receive up to two veterinary visits per year. There is no cost to the producer for these visits. The program will not provide funds for drugs or biologics for preventative medicine or treatment.

Producers and veterinarians participating in the program will receive educational resources in the form of seminars, presentations and printed materials or web-based

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