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Planning and Advising Agri-businesses

The objective of this program is to provide assistance to access consultant services to examine financial situations, discuss business objectives, determine current options in meeting profitability goals, build succession options or to create entire business plans.

Eligible Activities

This program gives applicants five days of confidential consultant service with a certified consultant* who has knowledge of the agriculture sector of interest. Additional funding beyond five days is available if required.

* Listings of certified consultants are available at the Agriculture Branch.

Eligible Applicants

Individuals, farm groups, cooperatives, non-profit organizations and governments.

New entrants who are seeking to apply for other funding sources are advised to apply for this program first in order to build their agri-business case, which may be required to access further funding.

Eligible Funding

Funding will cover the cost of consultant services up to $5,000 with a $200 contribution from the applicant. Above $5,000, the funding will provide 50% of costs up to a maximum of $20,000 over the life of the program.

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