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Program Eligibility Requirements


  • Must be recognized as a legal entity capable of entering into a contractual agreement;
  • Must be operating within Yukon; and
  • Must be an agricultural producer or processor and can be a company, corporation or partnership. Family members from the same farm, company, corporation or partnership shall be eligible as one individual and not as separate applicants.
  • Must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, at least 19 years of age; and 
  • Must be operating a farm or processing facility with commercial sales, or be able to demonstrate commercial viability by 2018. A business plan may be required to assess commercial viability.

Farm groups and cooperatives

  • Must be a group of three or more individuals operating an agricultural, agri-food or agri-based products business in Yukon.

Non-profit organizations and governments

  • Non-profit organization: must be a Canadian-registered, non-profit society operating in Yukon, with a mandate related to the agriculture, agri-food or agri-based products industry.
  • Governments: federal, territorial, municipal, First Nation and educational instituitions.

Program Funding

Unless otherwise specified under individual programs:

  • Individuals are eligible for up to 50% of project costs when in-kind* contributions are claimed and up to 60% of project costs when only actual expenses are claimed, with a lifetime program maximum of $100,000;**
  • Farm groups and cooperatives are eligible for up to 75% of project costs, with a lifetime program maximum of $250,000;** and
  • Non-profit organizations and governments, including First Nation governments, are eligible for up to 100% project costs. Maximum program funding will be determined according to project evaluation and budget provisions.

* In-kind contributions are a non-cash contribution that can be given a cash value for the project. Examples include applicant labour or use of your own equipment or materials.

**Applicants exceeding program maximums may still submit applications for review by the project evaluation committee; these applications will be reviewed subject to available funding.

Eligible Funding

  • In-kind resources may be eligible as part of the project cost-sharing, but are not eligible for reimbursement.
  • This program does not fund the purchase of commonly available agricultural equipment for individuals.

Payment is based on receipts provided. Reimbursement of travel costs must be consistent with Yukon government travel expense guidelines  13 KB.

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