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Yukon Agriculture State of the Industry 2013 - 2017
This report provides a description of the agricultural industry in Yukon in and includes data provided by the 2016 Statistics Canada Census of Agriculture. These reports are a summary of the industry. 

Sheep Health Workshop
The Yukon Agricultural Association hosted a 1-day workshop in February 2018, on sheep health. We were on hand to record and live stream the event. Below you can access the sessions on our YouTube channel:

Using Electric Fences to Deter Wildlife [ 1.18 MB]
This guide provides practical information to properly design and install an electric fence. Electric fences deter wildlife from livestock pens, chicken coops, beehives, dog kennels, vegetable gardens, fruit trees, berry bushes, bird feeders, compost and garbage. You will learn:

  • how electric fencing can suit your needs, from lightweight and portable to permanent exclusion fences,
  • how to design an effective electric fence,
  • how to select the appropriate components,
  • the importance of selecting and leveling your fence line.

Yukon research reports
With support from Canada-Yukon funding, a number of research projects have been conducted with industry since 2012 on crop management, input alternatives, and technology adoption. Reports on this research are available to download through the EMR Library catalogue.

Greenhouses for the Northern Climate 4.63 MB]
This report will provide readers with information and tools on how to build a solar green house for northern climates.

Agricultural Feed Options for Northern Livestock [  5.40 MB]
This report gives readers who are investigating feed options for Yukon a starting point for which crops may be best suited for the climate. The report also ties in Yukon livestock options to the feed options.

Cattle Health Handbook [ 7.4 MB]
The Cattle Health Handbook was developed by Yukon Animal Health Program and is targeted to Yukon farmers. It outlines biosecurity practices, health tips, food safety, good slaughter practices and diseases related to cattle.

Swine Health Handbook [ 2.45 MB]
The Swine Health Handbook was developed   by Yukon Animal Health Program and is targeted to Yukon farmers. It provides swine health tips, food safety, biosecurity practices, good slaughter practices and information regarding diseases related to swine.

Poultry Health Handbook [ 1.5 MB]
The Poultry Health Handbook was developed by Yukon Animal Health Program and is targeted to Yukon farmers. It outlines biosecurity practices, health tips, food safety, good slaughter practices and diseases related to poultry.


Eating Local: The delicious truth of Yukoners' connection to local food [video]
Today, Yukoners enjoy a selection of food as good as any Canadian city.  Even with easy access to an amazing variety of foods, Yukoners are showing a renewed interest for locally produced foods. This video explores why are we seeing this, and what is changing with Yukoners’ connection to local food.

The 7th Circumpolar Agricultural Conference Report  1 MB
Circumpolar Agricultural and Land Use Resources - Prospects and Perspectives for Circumpolar Productions and Industries
by Lisa Werther
The Circumpolar Agricultural Association (CAA) organizes this conference every three years. This Report contains a selection of individual presentations, notes and images that are focused on global climate change.

Multi-Year Development Plan for Yukon Agriculture and Agri-Food 2008-2012
This report outlines a five year plan for the development of the Yukon agriculture and agri-food industry. The Multi-Year Development Plan (MYDP) covers the period from 2008 to 2012, and describes the goals and objectives for the industry and for specific sectors. The strategies, resources, and timelines for achieving those goals and objectives are also outlined.

vision for yukon agriculture: 2006 yukon agriculture policy

Vision for Yukon Agriculture: 2006 Yukon Agriculture Policy
This document describes the Yukon government’s policies and procedures for agriculture in the Territory.

Yukon Agriculture Research and Demonstration 2012 Progress Report
Prepared by Matt Ball, Agrologist, Agriculture Branch and Krystal Reaume, A/Agriculture Research Technician, Agriculture Branch.
The 2012 Research and Demonstration Report contains information on:

  • Climate Monitoring
  • Northern Soil Amendments
  • What is Biochar
  • Oat Variety Trial
  • Field Pea Variety Trial
  • Wheat Variety Trial
  • Potato Variety Trial
  • Potato Spacing Trial

 Download the 2012 Progress Report  1.1 MB

Download a copy of the Oilseeds Production for Biodiesel Potential in the Yukon 2006-2009 Summary.    1.6 MB

The Sale and Use of Ungraded Eggs in Yukon  345 KB
This brochure describes egg grading, how ungraded eggs can be sold to the public and provides tips for handling eggs.

Preventing Chronic Wasting Disease Fact Sheet  544 KB
Published by the Department of Environment, this fact sheet provides information on CWD and its prevention.

Equine Infectious Anemia Fact Sheet  442 KB
Published by the Department of Environment, this fact sheet provides information on how to avoid EIA, symptoms, transmission, testing, regulation and control.

Agriculture and Permafrost  483 KB
This four-year, high-level project focuses on agriculture adaptability to changing permafrost conditions by identifying challenges and barriers to agriculture on areas of changing permafrost conditions.  Key permafrost criteria and timelines related to agriculture will be identified when possible.  Existing best management practices will be catalogued to optimize agriculture production methodology in permafrost areas.

  • Agriculture Fact Sheet  1 MB
    General information highlighting the general services and responsibilities of the branch
  • InFARMation
    This newsletter provides a quarterly update of Yukon agricultural news aimed primarily at growers.
  • Sustainable Agriculture in Yukon
    This publication is a teacher's resource designed to be adapted to your science, geography, environmental or social studies curriculum. Grades 8 to 12 can benefit from these materials.
  • Land Status Map  2 MB
    This map identifies those Yukon lands that are protected, interim protected, special management areas, First Nations settlement lands, parks, protected areas, etc..