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Sustainable Agriculture in Yukon

This resource is intended to help students look critically at sustainable agriculture in Yukon. It is designed to be adapted to your science, geography, environmental or social studies curriculum. Grades 8 to 12 can benefit from these materials.

There are two parts. The first is a fun, informative look at agriculture in Yukon. Photocopy this section and have your students read it (to save time and paper, photocopy one set for groups of three students), or you may put the set onto overhead sheets and share it with the whole class.

The second part provides a role drama and activities for the students to help them apply the knowledge gained in part one.

This booklet is designed so that it is enjoyable for you and your students to read. All the information about sustainable agriculture in Yukon is contained in one booklet and the activities provided are easy to follow.

This booklet opens the door into agriculture, sustainability, and local and global environmental issues. It may spark areas of interest for you and your students to explore further. Additional educational materials may be obtained from the Agriculture Branch to assist in your research.


  1. Agriculture in the Yukon: it is expanding
  2. Taking a closer look: how big is the Yukon's agriculture-food business?
  3. Benefits of agriculture: creating more stability through agriculture
  4. Growing conditions: farmers adapt to Yukon growing conditions
  5. What grows here: the Yukon produces a variety of products
  6. Critiquing agriculture: some say it can't be done
  7. Canada-Yukon Agreement on the Agriculture-Food Component of the Green Plan: an agreement that supports the environment
  8. Sustainability: it's one of the most talked about concepts in years
  9. The amazing world within the soil: helping us understand why sustainability makes so much sense
  10. Fertilizers and pesticides: a "hot topic" within sustainable agriculture
  11. Nitrogen fixation: plants add nitrogen to the soil naturally
  12. Organic farming: is it sustainable?
  13. Crop rotation: crop rotations are an essential tool in sustainable agriculture
  14. Soil conservation: a properly sustainable system is soil conserving
  15. Agriculture and wildlife: developing strategies to protect wildlife
  16. Loss of agricultural land: the greatest threat to sustainability
  17. Glossary of terms
  18. Hands on activities: putting together what we know about sustainable agriculture in the Yukon
  19. Activity suggestions
  20. Sustainable agriculture: explored through drama

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