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Harvesting firewood for personal use


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Can I harvest firewood to heat my home?

Yes, the Forest Management Branch issues permits free of charge authorizing the harvest of up to 25 m3 (11 cords) per year for personal use fuel wood (firewood). These permits are intended for people who want to cut firewood for their own (non-commercial) use, such as for heating their home.

How do I obtain a personal use fuel wood permit?

Applications can be made at your local Compliance, Monitoring and Inspections office or online. You will typically receive your personal use permit at the time of application.

The permit will authorize you to harvest up to 25 m3 (11 cords) of firewood per year. The permit will also outline any conditions you must meet including the approved location for harvesting.

Where can I cut my firewood this year?

Your local Compliance, Monitoring and Inspections representative can help you find a suitable area to harvest. Alternately, you may request an area of vacant public land, although its suitability must be approved by a natural resource officer.

As part of your permit, you will receive a map indicating the permitted harvest area. Harvesting within the permitted area is one of the conditions of your permit and there may be timing restrictions on harvesting. It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand the conditions of your permit and are cutting only in the authorized area and during the designated times.

Remember to carry your permit with you when cutting and transporting wood in Yukon.

Can I cut firewood within my municipality?

Some municipalities allow harvesting within their limits. You will still require a permit and you will be required to cut within designated areas. Please contact your local Compliance, Monitoring & Inspections office to inquire about potential locations. You may also be subject to additional bylaws, regulations and responsibilities, depending on the municipality in question.

Can I cut in more than one location?

You may be permitted to cut in more than one area at a time, but the maximum volume you can harvest in one year, under the authority of the free-of-charge personal use fuel wood permit is 25 m3 (11 cords).

If I need more than 25 m3 this winter, what can I do?

If you require more than 25 m3 (11 cords) this winter, you may speak to the Compliance, Monitoring  & Inspections representative about your options. You will require an additional permit, and you will be required to pay stumpage and fees on the volumes you harvest that exceed 25 m3 per year. Fees are only waived for the first 25 m3 of a personal use permit.

Can I sell the firewood I cut with this permit?

No, the forest resources permit for personal use fuel wood is not intended for commercial endeavours. If you do wish to start a business selling firewood please contact your local Compliance, Monitoring  & Inspection office about applying for a licence.

What will happen if I don’t have a permit or I am harvesting where I am not authorized to?

Harvesting fuel wood in areas not authorized for harvesting, or harvesting without a permit can result in fines, confiscation of the wood, and possibly other charges being laid depending on the nature of the offence.

A note on compliance and enforcement in Yukon’s forests

Compliance and enforcement are a significant part of managing Yukon forests for their long-term health and to ensure that we can continue to realize the many benefits forests provide. As a forest user, it is your responsibility to ensure you are complying with applicable laws, regulations and any terms and conditions outlined in licences and permits. For more information about your responsibilities and possible penalties for non-compliance read Fact Sheet #5, contact your local Compliance, Monitoring and Inspections office, or read the Compliance and Enforcement Operational Policy and Procedures.


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