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Forest Management Plans

Forest Management Planning

3 Levels of Yukon Forest Planning:

Forest Resources Management Plans
Timber Harvest Plans
Site Plans

These plans lead to sustainable use of the forests and define the land base and practices that are to be used in forest management.

Forest Resources Management Plans (FRMPs)

  • strategic, overarching, landscape level plan
  • provides broad direction on where and why forest resource management activities should take place
  • identify forest resources values and sensitive areas
  • identify resource zones
  • establish management intent
  • extends over large landbases often greater than 1,000,000 ha. in size



Timber Harvest Plans (THPs)

  • development plan
  • identifies areas proposed for harvesting of forest resources
  • identifies strategies for reducing or eliminating environmental consequences and impacts on other resources identified in the FRMP
  • extends over landscape units, or watersheds, ranging from 5000 ha. to 100,000 ha. in size


Site Plans

  • site specific management plan
  • identifies specific areas an attributes of the areas proposed for harvesting
  • idetifies stand level management activities, methods,and standards for harvesting to ensure the protection of the forest resource values on that harvest area
  • can also include a reforestation plan with proposed silviculture activities
  • extends over 1-500 ha. in size


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