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Forest resource fees

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Application fees

Application fees are collected when you apply for a commercial harvesting licence. The fees are calculated based on the volume of timber you are applying for. There is no application fee for Forest Resources Permits for personal use timber. The table below illustrates the fees:

Harvesting Licence  
  • under 100 m3
  • 100 m3 to 1000 m3
  • over 1000 m3
Forest Resources Permit  No Charge


The previous system of quarterly stumpage rate calculations has been replaced. In the past, North American lumber market fluctuations were used. Stumpage rates are now set in Yukon, taking into account our own unique market situation.

The stumpage rate is calculated and set at the time of issuance of a cutting permit and remains the same throughout the life of the permit.

Under the Forest Resources Act, the stumpage rate is a collection of 4 potential fees calculated based on the sum of the timber fee and, where applicable, the reforestation fee, development fee, road use fee and the bonus bid.

Timber Fee


Reforestation Fee
where applicable


Development Fee
where applicable


Road Use Fee
where applicable


Stumpage Rate


Timber Fee

Item Type Fee per m3
Green or Dead Timber $1
Occasionally, in order to meet forest health objectives, timber in threatened or affected areas may be made available at a reduced rate $0.25


Reforestation Fee

Collected to offset the cost of reforestation treatments. It is updated annually and is based on average costs to conduct tree planting activities in Yukon and will be established according to the reforestation plans developed during Site Plan development.


Reforestation Fee, per m3

Timber Resources Licence $5*
Woodlot Licence $5*
Fuel Wood Licence No Charge
Forest Resource Permit No Charge
  * Fees will be updated annually based on average costs of reforestation


Under the new Forest Resources Act the cost to develop a permit area is included in the Stumpage Rate as the Development Fee and the Road Use Fee.

Development Fee

Fee per m3

May include planning, survey, layout and engineering costs. The approved development costs divided by the total volume in the planning area to provide an average cost per m3 of timber available.

Road Use Fee

Fee per m3

May be applied where government spends money on road construction, maintenance and decommissioning. The approved construction, and expected maintenance and/or decommissioning cost based on an average per m3 of timber available.

Competitive bids

At times, the Forest Management Branch will make harvesting licences available through a competitive bidding process. Eligible businesses will be requested to respond to a public advertisement and submit bids. Bidders will be evaluated on the amount per cubic metre that is bid over and above the base stumpage rate.

Fees not included in stumpage calculation

Security Deposits - The Forest Resources Act requires that a harvesting licence holder provide and maintain a security deposit with the Director of Forest Management Branch.

  • There will be a minimum security of $100 collected for all harvesting operations. Additional security may be required based on potential adverse environmental risk and past performance.
  • When a licensee negotiates road construction, modification or decommissioning activities or reforestation through his/her harvesting licence, the costs of these activities will be considered in determining the security.
  • Security shall be held for the term of the harvesting licence.
  • Security will be refunded once it is determined all obligations under the licence have been met.

Security may be posted by the applicant in the form of

  • a promissory note guaranteed by a bank in Canada and payable to the Commissioner;
  • an irrevocable letter of credit from a bank in Canada;
  • a certified cheque drawn on a bank in Canada and payable to the Yukon government;
  • a bond issued or guaranteed by the Government of Canada; or
  • cash


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