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Terms and conditions for Personal Use Fuel Wood Permits

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A Forest Resources Permit authorizes the harvest of 25m³ or less of Personal Use Fuel Wood in the Yukon Territory. The permit authorizes harvest within designated Personal Fuel Wood harvest areas only. If you wish to harvest in a controlled or non-designated harvest area you will need to apply in person at your local Compliance Monitoring and Inspections District Office. The permit is free of fees and is not to be used for commercial operations.

Personal Use Fuel Wood Permit Terms and Conditions

1. Harvesting is restricted to 25m3 or less of dead timber or green downed/windthrown timber for the term and area(s) described by the permit.

2. The cutting of standing green (living) timber is only permitted to address a safety concern.

3. Debris resulting from harvest must be cleared from roads, right-of-ways, road ditches and watercourses. Limbs are to be disposed of using the lop and scatter method. Timber must not be felled on any road surface and vehicles must not block roads while working.

4. Use caution and reasonable effort to minimize damage to non-target vegetation.

5. The Permittee shall ensure ground conditions are suitable to support their vehicle with no rutting of the access route or harvest area.

6. The Permittee shall use designated harvest area access point(s) if they are specified by the map.

7. Permittee must fell timber in a manner that minimizes stump heights and all stumps must be shorter than 30 cm. Timber must be utilized to a top diameter of 10cm.

8. It is the permit holder's responsibility to ensure they are harvesting on vacant crown land in the areas designated by the permit and supplemental map(s).

9. The permit does not guarantee the volume of timber is available in designated locations.

10. The permit may be cancelled or suspended if the terms and conditions of permit are contravened or if unsuitable environmental conditions persist.

11. The permittee, or a person designated to harvest of behalf of the permittee, must carry the permit with them during the harvest and transportation of timber.

12. The use of equipment such as tractors, skidders, skid steers or any similar vehicle is prohibited from any use associated with the permit.

13. Gates on access controlled roads may be closed at any time. When gates are closed personal use permit holders are not authorized to use the road.

14. Archaeological and historical sites are protected from disturbance under the Yukon Historic Resources Act. If you discover an archaeological or historical site stop work and please call Heritage Resources at 1-800-661-0408 ext. 5983.

15. Harvesting activities must be done in a manner that does not interfere with or damage a trapping concession’s access or equipment.

16. Permittee must comply with all other applicable Acts, Regulations, Ordinances, By-Laws or Orders. Default hereof may result in suspension or cancellation of this permit, including prosecution and all other legal remedies available to the Crown.

The following terms and conditions apply to specific areas authorized by your permit. It is your responsibility as the permit holder to comply with them.

17. There are seasonal restrictions to harvesting. Harvesting in this area is not permitted from November 1 to April 30.

18. There are seasonal restrictions to harvesting. Harvesting in this area is not permitted from January 1 to March 31.

19. There are seasonal restrictions to harvesting. Harvesting in this area is not permitted from December 1 to May 31.

20. Access to the harvest area is restricted to frozen ground conditions only.

21. Use of vehicles on the highway right-of-way is only permitted when the ground condition is frozen.

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