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Application Forms

The Lands branch accepts applications to sell, lease, develop and use land under Yukon government control.

  • Application for Yukon Lands (YG4917)
     English  579 KB; French  387 KB
  • Application for Land Use Permit (YG5028)
     English  161 KB; French  142 KB
  • Application for Quarry Permit  for New Sites (YG5026)
     Bilingual  92 KB
  • Application to Store Machinery and Materials (YG5027)
     Bilingual  57 KB
  • Quarry Permit for Designated Public Pit (YG3463)
     Bilingual  54 KB
  • Application for Quarry Permit for Non-Designated Existing Pit (YG 5441)
     Bilingual  46 KB

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