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The Yukon government is developing a new set of regulations to better manage industrial resource access roads through the life of a project.

The regulations will support the implementation of the Highways and Public Works Resource Access Roads Framework that was approved in February 2013.


Public Participation

The public and interested parties were invited to submit a completed discussion paper or separate written comments by August 15, 2014. The deadline for submitting comments has now passed. The Yukon government will consider all responses prior to drafting regulation recommendations for managing resource access roads.

Please check back in the future for a summary document of the comments submitted to be made available once it is completed.

Please note: by participating in this public particpation process and submitting comments, you agree that the Yukon government may publish your comments and disclose any personal information these comments contain. The purpose for collecting your comments is to improve the policy concepts for Resource Access Roads Regulation and to create a post consultation report.


Resource access roads are distinct from the common perception of public highways. “Public highways” join communities while “resource access roads” do not. Both types of roads are important to the resource industry, but overall they serve different purposes. For the purposes of this framework, resource access roads are all routes needed by industry to access their properties and move their product to market. These include routes maintained by Highways and Public Works and routes not maintained by Highways and Public Works but still used by the public as well as the resource roads used by industry.

In the past, many resource roads became permanent long-term roads when industrial activities ended. These roads became part of the extensive network of both maintained and unmaintained roads in the territory. The intent of this framework is to ensure that the access roads of today do not become the unmaintained roads of the future.

Resource access road development will be managed to minimize the potential for unsustainable maintenance costs or ongoing liability to government while ensuring clarity to industry on their long time use and management. Addressing reclamation and decommissioning requirements in the framework will help to mitigate overall liability by ensuring that new public roads are not created unless the government actively makes the decision to do so.

The Resource Access Roads Framework applies to resource extraction industries in Yukon (e.g. mining and oil and gas). The framework was developed more specifically to apply to quartz or hard rock mining exploration and development. However, if a placer operation is large enough in scale, the framework principles and guidelines will apply.

The policy does not apply to forestry, tourism or agriculture industries. Forestry and agriculture are governed by other policies and regulatory requirements, and the tourism industry does not undertake development of resource access roads on this scale. However, the use of resource access roads by forestry and other industries can be accommodated within the shared road use provisions.

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