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Regional Land Use Planning

Regional land use planning is a step by step process where the Yukon government, First Nations, stakeholders and residents develop a blueprint to guide the future use and development of land in their area.  

Regional land use planning facilitates land uses that promote orderly development while considering the values of the land, and providing for economic, social and environmental well being of the residents of the region.

A final regional land use plan provides a broad level vision and goals for the allocation, management and use of land and resources, including renewable, non-renewable and water-based resources within a region.

Latest News

Yukon government approves land use plan for public lands in Peel Watershed region

January 21, 2014 - The Yukon government has adopted a land use plan as it applies to public lands within the Peel Watershed region. The Peel Watershed Regional Land Use Plan applies strictly to public lands which form over 97 percent of the region. The plan uses Protected Areas, Restricted Wilderness Use Areas and Integrated Management Areas to provide for an active management of lands and resources.

Interim staking withdrawal extended for Peel Watershed Region

December 23, 2013 - The Government of Yukon issued an extension to the interim withdrawal from mineral staking for all lands in the Peel Watershed Region. The interim staking withdrawal will apply to subsurface mineral staking administered under the Quartz Mining Act and Placer Mining Act until January 21, 2014. Rights for oil and gas and coal will also not be issued in the region until after January 21, 2014.

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