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This page features maps of Yukon communities that have zoning in place.

Municipal zoning maps will be added as we receive them.




Bear Creek

Bear Creek Zoning Map  111 KB



Carcross Zoning Map  1.3 MB


West Dawson (Klondike Valley)

West Dawson Zoning Map  127 KB


Deep Creek

Deep Creek Zoning Map  971 KB


Dempster Highway

Dempster Highway Development Area  520 KB


Destruction Bay

Destruction Bay Zoning Map  77 KB


Golden Horn

Golden Horn Zoning Map   1.7 MB


Grizzly Valley

Grizzly Valley Zoning Map  623 KB


Hotsprings Road

Hotsprings Road Zoning Map  2.6 MB


Ibex Valley

Ibex Valley Zoning Map  1.8 MB


Jackfish Bay

Jackfish Bay Zoning Map  97 KB


Little Teslin Lake Recreational Area

Little Teslin Lake Recreational Area Zoning Map  95 KB


Mayo Road

Mayo Road Zoning Map  559 KB


M'Clintock Place

M'Clintock Place Zoning Map  102 KB



Mendenhall Zoning Map  137 KB


Mount Lorne

Mount Lorne Zoning Map  2.3 MB


Pine Lake

Pine Lake Recreational Area  67 KB


Southern Yukon  

Remote Recreational Lots  492 KB



Ross River

Ross River Zoning Map  789 KB


Watsix Eeti

Watsix Eeti Zoning Map  130 KB


Whitehorse Periphery Development Area

Whitehorse Periphery Zoning Map   1.2 MB


Greater Whitehorse Area

These maps contain general Boundary information.

Development Area Regulations in the Greater Whitehorse Area  503 KB

Local Advisory Areas in the Greater Whitehorse Area  360 KB


Village of Mayo Zoning Map

Village of Mayo  698 KB


Town of Faro Zoning Map 

Town of Faro  1.4 MB


Boundary Information

This spreadsheet contains a listing of different types of Boundaries, Regulations, and Local Advisory Areas that the Land Planning Branch updates and has a brief description of each type of boundary in Yukon.

Boundary Information at a glance   15 KB



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