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SkyLine Air Photo Locator

Launch SkyLine

Please note: SkyLine requires Microsoft Silverlight, which can be downloaded for free. You may also need to temporarily disable anti-pop-up software while using this site. This site was developed using ArcGIS for Server, Geocortex Essentials, and Microsoft Silverlight.

How to use SkyLine:

  • SkyLine is a map viewer which will allow you to find Yukon aerial photographs for a given location.
  • On the Yukon map, zoom in to the area of interest.
  • As you zoom in, flightlines and photo points will begin to appear as brown lines and brown dots on the map.
  • Right-click on a photo point and choose “What’s Here”, then click on the resulting “Air Photo Location” link to get more information about the photo.
  • Photo points that have a plus sign in the circle  include a digitized air photo. Right click on the photo point and choose "What's here". Click on "Air Photo Location" and a thumbnail of the photo will appear in the pop-up window. Under the "Attributes" tab, there is a link to download a full sized version of the image.

    IMPORTANT: to determine whether a photo is held at the EMR Library, click on the “Links” tab, then “View Library Catalogue Record”. The EMR Library catalogue will open, giving the locations of the photos. For more information on these locations, visit our Aerial Photographs page.

Limiting your search by year:

  • If you would like to limit your search by year, click on the drop-down menu that says “Base Maps” and choose “More Map Layers”. Uncheck the box that says “All Years”, then use the other check-boxes to select the years you would like displayed.

Searching by flightline:

  • To search for a particular flightline, click on the drop-down menu that says “I want to…” and choose “Search Flight Line”, e.g. A28545. On the Results tab, choose “Select All”, then “View Selected” and “Zoom To All”.

More tips:

  • To add satellite imagery to the map, click on the drop-down menu that says “Base Maps” and choose “Imagery”.
  • To access more tools at any time, click on the Toolbar icon.

If you would like assistance using this application, please contact the EMR Library at 667-3111 or