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2014 Leckie Recipients

2014 Award Winners

Responsible and Innovative Exploration and Mining Practices in Quartz Mining: GroundTruth Exploration Inc.

GroundTruth Exploration places a huge priority on developing exploration methods that cause minimal impact. They employ technologies such as a flying drone that can capture base line data on claims prior to commencing work, and following reclamation. GroundTruth has also constructed a lightweight, rubber-tracked vehicle called a Geoprobe that can traverse land without impact or construction of trails. These are just a few of the new and exciting research methods developed by GroundTruth.

The innovative research and development ideas explored by GroundTruth Exploration Inc. will significantly reduce impacts to the environment and influence the way exploration methods and practices are performed across the industry.

Excellence in Environmental Stewardship in Quartz Mining: Sä Dena Hes Operating Corporation

Teck Resources is the managing partner of Sä Dena Hes Operating Corporation and has been working closely with Liard First Nation and the Ross River Dena Council to understand the historic use and proposed future use of the former lead-zinc mine site located 45 km north of Watson Lake.

Recognized achievements at the site include the incorporation of a risk assessment framework to improve the site decommissioning plan, the removal of the mill, camp, waste rock storage and tailings management facilities, and the reclamation of all mining entrances. Teck Resources has also completed impressive slope stability, surface flow and erosion control work to ensure the stability of the site for the long term.

Excellence in Environmental Stewardship in Placer Mining: Fell-Hawk Placers

Fell-Hawk Placers operated on Ballarat Creek in the Dawson mining district until 2013. Throughout the life of this operation the company adhered to extremely high operational standards. This was demonstrated in a number of areas including water conveyance structures, new road and trails, camp construction and the final decommissioning of the site.

The site location typically has narrow valleys which leave little space for stockpiling material. The Fellers family undertook tremendous planning and foresight in order to accomplish the high level of reclamation that was completed on Ballarat Creek. 

Honourable mention for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship in Quartz Mining: Chevron Canada Resources

Chevron has spent 3 years rehabilitating the Crest lease at Snake River in the Peel region. They removed debris and completed remediation on 705 cubic metres of soil that was impacted by mining over 50 years ago. Chevron utilized thermal technology that is more efficient in Northern climes spending approximately nine million dollars to complete the work.