Energy, Mines and Resources


2009 Leckie Recipients

Placer Mining Reclamation - Favron Enterprises Ltd.

Favron Enterprises Ltd.Favron Enterprises Ltd. has been placer mining in the Last Chance and Hunker Creek area in the Dawson mining district since 2004 and has shown exemplary efforts in continual reclamation.

The Favron family has cleaned up and consolidated materials left over from previous operators going back to the gold rush.  Reclamation is immediate, whether or not future mining is planned, to protect the land from erosion and to maintain rich organics for later use.

Their property is well organized and they have a well planned operation that focuses on high levels of environmental protection and on ongoing reclamation. Creek beds have been reconstructed to allow for natural flow within the channel, overburden is contoured immediately, and seed stocks are carefully protected. A well constructed settling pond system allows for no discharge and an excellent fuel storage system ensures that no fuel spills can occur.

Favron Enterprises Ltd. is considered an exceptional operator and this award recognizes their outstanding efforts in reclamation practices.

Quartz Reclamation Practices (Honorable Mention) - Strategic Metals Ltd.

Strategic Metals Ltd.Strategic Metals Ltd. has been operating in the Eureka Creek/Black Hills area in the Dawson mining district. The company has consistently complied with best management practices and has met final decommissioning requirements.

Strategic Metals Ltd. has reclaimed their trenches to closely mimic the surrounding vegetation. The company dug and reclaimed all trenches within one month and used innovative methods to ensure rapid re-vegetation. Plant life was left in clumps, instead of being mulched, to protect roots for quick and total regeneration. Large trees were laid across trenches to prevent access, protect seed stocks, and maintain soil moisture and stability.

This program is a marvelous example of what others should practice.

Quartz Reclamation Practices - Western Copper Corporation

Western Copper CorporationWestern Copper Corporation’s exploration project is near Pelly Crossing in the Whitehorse mining district. The vigorous reclamation of two abandoned camps and the clean-up and re-establishment of a well designed camp and airstrip have earned them the kudos they deserve.

Restoration efforts have included the clean-up and disposal of empty fuel drums, scrap metal, and debris scattered in the area. The company removed 11 damaged buildings, refurbished 6 trailers for re-use, and sealed off a collapsed adit. Two electrical transformers were removed from near the creek and placed in a lined and bermed fuel area and old fuel drums, piping, and scrap metal were removed from the creek bed. All unused trails and roads were scarified, hillsides were re-contoured, and the area was fertilized to aid in re-growth.

In addition to the reclamation efforts at the abandoned camps Western Copper has cleaned up the existing airstrip and established an organized camp. The airstrip was resurfaced and graded, overgrowth was removed, and ditches were established to prevent run-off from eroding the new surface. Lined fuel berms were constructed for diesel and gasoline storage and two large unused propane tanks were removed from the site.

This award recognizes Western Copper Corporation’s progressive policies and solid efforts to reclaim this disturbed mine site. This company is truly a leader in environmental stewardship.