Energy, Mines and Resources


2015 Leckie Recipients

2015 Award Winners

Placer Mining: Caw Mining Ltd.

CAW Mining, working on Barlow Creek, in the Mayo district, has owned and mined the claims since the 1970s. An organized, thoughtful and structured annual mining plan has resulted in lower operating costs with professional final reclamation. Initial site cleanup from previous activity and an insightful initial operation placement created a property for future development and systematic mining while placement allowed for outstanding reclamation of the initial settling ponds and waste piles.

The fish habitat features created for Barlow Creek have enhanced the quality and quantity of habitat available for a wide range of species in the wetlands.


Quartz Mining: Kaminak Gold Corp.

Kaminak Gold Corp.’s Coffee property is located approximately 120km south of Dawson City, Yukon, in the Whitehorse mining district.

Kaminak takes a proactive approach to incorporating environmental and social responsibility with adaptive planning and innovative responses to challenges at the Coffee property. They have repeatedly demonstrated exemplary practices and innovation in their ongoing efforts towards progressive reclamation while building capacity and advancing cooperative relationships with local communities and First Nations.


Quartz Mining: Capstone Mining Corp.

Minto mine is located within Selkirk First Nation Category A Settlement Land and is approximately 240 km northwest of Whitehorse, Yukon.

Capstone has demonstrated innovative and responsible management through the construction of a three storey camp to reduce their overall footprint. They have reclaimed their original land treatment facility and have replaced it with a new facility to increase environmental protection, installed HDPE liners at maintenance shops and in areas where equipment is staged to reduce the risk of hydrocarbon contamination, created a designated area for chemical storage to reduce haul distance as well as constructed a lined wash pad with an oil/water separator to clean heavy equipment on site. All of these measures reduce the potential for impact while maintaining or reducing the overall footprint of the site.