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Brewery Creek

General Information

The Brewery Creek project, owned by Golden Predator Canada Corp., is located 55 km east of Dawson City, Yukon. The Brewery Creek mine was operated from 1997 to 2001 and was the largest lode gold mine ever constructed in the Yukon. The property consists of 801 claims with leases covering 16,160 hectares. It was a year-round heap leach operation with a seasonal open-pit mining capacity of 11,000 tonnes of ore per day.

Golden Predator Canada Corp. took over ownership of the Brewery Creek mine in 2012. The company is now responsible for completing the reclamation and closure activities for the mine. The majority of these activities are completed and reclamation efforts have been very successful to date .

A Type "A" Water Use Licence for this project has been issue by the Yukon Water Board .

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1. Approved License

1.1. License Approval Date
1.2. Amendment Approval Date
1.2.1 Amendment to A99-001 PDF Image 144.53 KB April 2004
1.2.2 Authorization of Assignment PDF Image 48.84 KB March 2005
1.2.3 Authorization of Assignment PDF Image 19.03 KB October 2012
1.3. Correspondence Date

2. Development & Operational Plans

2.1. Mine Development and Operational Plans
2.1.1. Plans Submission Date
2.1.2. Approvals Approval Date
2.2 Mill Construction and Operation
2.2.1. Plans Submission Date
2.2.2. Approvals Approval Date
2.3 Waste Rock Storage Facilities
2.3.1. Plans Submission Date
2.3.2. Approvals Approval Date
2.4 Tailings Storage Facilities
2.4.1. Plans Submission Date
2.4.2. Approvals Approval Date
2.5 Road Construction
2.5.1. Plans Submission Date
2.5.2. Approvals Approval Date
2.6 Emergency Response & Health and Safety
2.6.1. Plans Submission Date
2.6.2. Approvals Approval Date

3. Environmental Protection Plans and Reports

3.1 Monitoring and Surveillance Plan  
3.1.1. Plan Submission Date
a) Blue Zone Monitoring and Assessment Program PDF Image 263.65 KB August 2005
b) Heap Leach Pad Cover and Facilities Monitoring Program PDF Image 259.18 KB August 2005
3.1.2. Approval Approval Date
a) Approval of Heap and Blue Monitoring Program PDF Image 207.16 KB December 2006
3.2 Environmental Protection and Management  
3.2.1. Plans Submission Date
3.2.2. Approvals Approval Date
3.3 Reporting  
  Reports Submission Date

4. Reclamation & Closure Plans

4.1 Plans Submission Date
4.1.1 Consultation Summary Report - Main Access Road Decommissioning PDF Image 11369.38 KB October 2006
4.2 Approval Approval Date
4.2.1 Decommissioning and Reclamation of Pond and Access Road PDF Image 123.25 KB June 2008

5. Financial Security

5.1 Cost Estimate of Remaining Decommissioning & Reclamation Liabilities PDF Image 2025.04 KB
5.2 Outstanding Closure Liabilities PDF Image 112.92 KB

6. Annual Reporting

6.1. Annual Reports Submission Date
6.1.1 2007 Annual Report PDF Image 14250.42 KB
6.1.2 2008 Annual Report PDF Image 12716.07 KB
6.1.3 2009 Annual Report PDF Image 7679.78 KB
6.1.4 2010 Annual Report PDF Image 8477.51 KB
6.1.5 2011 Annual Report PDF Image 8450.14 KB
6.1.6 2012 Annual Report PDF Image 15333.28 KB
6.2. Annual Inspection Reports  

7. Technical Committee