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1999 Leckie Recipients

Placer Mining Reclamation - Al Dendys
Mr. Dendys has been mining on Gladstone Creek (flows into the eastern shore of Kluane Lake) since 1992, Al Dendys - Gladstone Creekusing two floating trommel wash plants. These plants operate almost 23 hours a day, processing a large volume of pay material.

The large-scale disturbance resulting from an operation of this size has been mitigated by excellent restoration work. The most impressive characteristic of this work is how quickly it follows extraction of the ore.

Immediately following work in any given area, the tailings have been levelled, re-contoured and covered with fine material stockpiled during preparation of the mining cut. To date, this is the finest example of progressive placer mining restoration work in the Whitehorse Mining District.

Congratulations Al Dendys, Tic Exploration

Quartz Mining Reclamation - Viceroy Minerals Corporation
The Brewery Creek Mine is located approximately 30 kilometres east of Dawson City, on the far side of the Tintina Trench. The property was discovered in 1987, and within nine years went into production with an estimated 10 year life span.

The company's proposal for restoration is a staged, ongoing process by which the waste rock from the next open pit is dumped into the previously mined ground, covered with some pines and seed mixes, and planted with willows to stabilize the ground and prevent erosion. To date, the company’s first pit has been completely reclaimed during the second year of production.

Viceroy Minerals Corporation has continued to have a good relationship with the community and contributes to training courses, provides tours of the mine and runs programs for children on site to learn about reclamation.

Congratulations Viceroy Minerals Corporation!

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