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Major Mine Licensing

A major hard rock mining project in Yukon, engaging in development and/or production, requires a detailed environmental and socio-economic assessment combined with various regulatory approvals. These approvals include, but are not limited to a Water License and a Quartz Mining License.

There are two distinct stages that a project must go through before mining activity can commence. First, an assessment determines whether significant adverse environmental or socio-economic effects are likely to occur. Second, a regulatory licensing approval process needs to take place.

Yukon’s producing mines are licensed under both the Quartz Mining Act 870 KB and the Waters Act 250 KB.  Additional projects vary in stages ranging from undergoing an environmental assessment, pre-production and development, temporary closure, reclamation and closure.

Current project information, along with respective licenses, approvals, reports, submissions etc. pursuant to the Quartz Mining Act  870 KB can be found on the specific mine sites listed in the right hand menu.

For information on Application for Quartz Mining License consult the following guides: 

Copies of Water Licenses are available at the Yukon Water Board.  Also available on the Water Board site's Policies section  are various guidelines including: Licensing Guidelines for Quartz Mining Undertakings  6.52 MB.

Guidelines and practices relating to Yukon water use can be obtained from the Resource section of  Specific documents of interest include: Dam Guide: Design Expectations and Required Information and Best Management Practices for Works Affecting Water in Yukon  4.03 MB.

In the past, environmental assessments were undertaken by the Yukon Government, Development Assessment Branch.

As of November 28, 2005, Yukon assessments are conducted by the Yukon Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment Board.

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