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Mine Licensing Improvement Initiative

The Mine Licensing Improvement Initiative aims to improve the Yukon quartz mine regulatory system. The intent is to define and develop an overall licensing framework that is clear and effective, fosters protection of the environment, considers social values and encourages responsible development.

Led by the Strategic Alliances Branch within the department of Energy, Mines and Resources, the focus is an integrated and accountable regulatory system in which balanced, informed, and transparent decisions are made. This will be accomplished by:

  • resolving major areas of overlap and inefficiency in the regulatory system;
  • aligning processes and requirements to be consistent with Yukon First Nation Final and Self-Government agreements; and,
  • clearly defining roles and responsibilities of regulatory agencies.

Projects underway include:

  • the development of technical guidelines;
  • improvements to regulations and policies; and,
  • identifying interagency roles and responsibilities related to quartz mine assessment and licensing.

The Yukon Water Board, the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board, self-governing Yukon First Nations, industry and partner Yukon government departments are engaged in this work.

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