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Application Forms

Quartz Claims

  • Application for a Certificate of Improvements (YG5050)
     English  38 KB; français  46 KB
  • Application for a Certificate of Work (YG5049)
     English  40 KB; français  48 KB
  • Application to Group Mineral Claims (YG5048)
     Bilingual  87 KB
  • Application for Fractional Claim (YG5047)
     English  40 KB; français  47 KB
  • Application for a Full Claim (YG5046)
     English  39 KB; français  98 KB
  • Application for Renewal of Grant for Quartz Mining Pay in Lieu (YG5220)
     Bilingual  49 KB
  • Notice of Intent to Apply for Certificate of Improvements (YG5112)
     Bilingual  40 KB
  • Survey Notice (YG5111)
     Bilingual  36 KB
  • Transfer of Quartz Mining Claim(s) or Interest (YG5044)
     English  53 KB; français  53 KB

Quartz Mining Land Use

  • Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) - Registration Form (YG5025)
     Bilingual  769 KB
  • Application for  Storage Tank System Permit 
     English  32 KB
  • Application for Class 3/4 Quartz Mining Land Use Operating Plan / Land Use Approval (YG5069)
     English  220 KB; français  203 KB
  • Assignment of Operating Plan (YG5072)
     English  38 KB; français  51 KB
  • Class II Notification / Exploration Program (YG5110)
     Bilingual  50 KB


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  • Mining Lands Statistics and
  • Value of Yukon Mineral Production

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