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Tabling of amendments to Oil and Gas Act

In 2015, EMR consulted with First Nations and the public on proposed amendments to the Oil and Gas Act and the Disposition Regulations.  Amendments to the  Oil and Gas Act passed in late 2015.  The main changes allow the extension of oil and gas permits under certain circumstances, strengthening First Nations consultation requirements and, improvements to government's ability to manage well operations in order to protect people and the environment.

Amendments to the Disposition Regulations are still under discussion.


  • Oil and Gas Act PDF 1.1 MB
  • Act to Amend the Oil and Gas Act (2004)  142 KB
  • Act to Amend the Oil and Gas Act, 2012  152 KB
  • Act to Amend the Oil and Gas Act, 2015  173 KB

  • Regulations

     Oil and Gas Regulations  Order In Council
     Drilling and Production Regulations PDF 1.5 MB  O.I.C. 2004/158
     Geoscience Exploration Regulations PDF 394 KB  O.I.C. 2004/156
     Licence Administration Regulations PDF 682 KB  O.I.C. 2004/157
     Disposition Regulations PDF 450 KB  O.I.C. 1999/147
     Royalty Regulations PDF 142 KB  O.I.C. 2008/25
     Gas Processing Plant Regulation  185 KB  O.I.C. 2013/162


    Guidelines for each set of regulations are being developed. As more guidance notes are created, they will be posted here.

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