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Our Chief Operations Officer

Chioma Izugbokwe has been Yukon government’s Chief Operations Officer in the Oil and Gas Resources branch since September 2015.

Chioma is a professional engineer with more than 12 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. She holds a Master of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering from Imperial College in London, U.K.

As Chief Operations Officer, Chioma works to ensure the safety of people, property and the environment with respect to the oil and gas industry activities in Yukon.

The Chief Operations Officer is responsible for many of the regulatory duties related to oil and gas development activities under the Yukon Oil and Gas Act. Chioma is also the Manager of Operations for the oil and gas branch.

In her dual roles, her responsibilities include:

  • monitoring and inspecting oil and gas operations, conducting investigations, issuing compliance orders, licences and authorizations and convening hearings for all oil and gas activities on public lands in Yukon; and
  • managing the operations of the Yukon government in developing regulations, directives, guidelines and best practices for oil and gas operations.

Chioma is well suited to her position at the oil and gas branch. “I like my job because of the wide scope of work involved. All aspects of oil and gas development are covered. I believe my strengths are my knowledge of oil and gas operations, my ability to analyze issues and offer solutions, and my ability to work well with others.”

“I always knew I wanted to be an engineer. I have always liked analyzing problems and developing practical solutions. In school, I enjoyed my science classes the most, especially the chemistry and math classes.”

And how did she end up in Yukon? “I chose Yukon because of the opportunities presented in frontier development and my interest in Arctic exploration.”

Chioma’s abilities have become valuable additions to the oil and gas branch, and we are happy she did choose Yukon.

Chioma and her husband are parents to three children.

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