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Payment of Royalties

Royalty is payable to the Yukon government for all oil, gas, and field condensate produced in Yukon. Royalty payable is calculated with the use of a Yukon Royalty Return. Royalty clients are required to submit a royalty return for each month in which there is production. Royalty must be paid by the last day of the month following the production month.

Initial drafts of royalty returns are generated by Oil and Gas Resources and sent to royalty clients approximately 3 weeks after the end of a production month. Royalty clients are sent a statement of their royalty account balance and are invoiced for any applicable penalties or interest. Payments must include the total royalty payable for the production month taking into account any amendments, interest, and penalties. The statement summarizes the total payment required for a production month. Royalty returns must be signed by a person authorized to do so, and submitted to Oil and Gas Resources by the last day of the month following the production month.

Payments may be made electronically  17 KB or by cheques made payable to the Government of Yukon. Royalty clients may Designate an Agent to act on their behalf.