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The disposition process leading up to the issuance of an oil and gas permit or an oil and gas lease.

  1. Disposition Process Overview
  2. Request for Posting (RFP)
  3. RFP Review
  4. Call for Bids (CFB)

Oil and Gas Rights Disposition Process – Overview

Rights to oil and gas are obtained through a competitive process. The oil and gas disposition process is initiated when a Request for Posting (RFP) is received by Oil and Gas Resources.

If the Minister accepts the location, a disposition process is launched, and an RFP Review will take place. Based on the submissions from the RFP Review, the Division Head will write a report to the Minister with a recommendation regarding the requested location.

Following the RFP Review, the next step is a Call for Bids (CFB). The disposition process then concludes with Oil and Gas Permits being issued to qualified successful bidders.

The disposition of oil and gas rights in Yukon is governed by the Yukon's Oil and Gas Act  1.1 MB and its regulations.

Request for Postings (RFP)

An RFP is an expression of interest to acquire oil and gas rights in a specific location. Permits grant oil and gas rights in Yukon lands which are sold pursuant to a Call for Bids (CFB). The disposition process has been designed so that the oil and gas industry is able to request locations for which they intend to submit bids. It is the expectation of the Government of Yukon that companies will bid on locations that they have requested in their RFPs.

Persons wishing to submit an RFP are required to complete a Request for Posting (RFP) form  42 KB in accordance with the instructions set out in the Guidelines: Request for Posting  358 KB.

Requests for Postings (RFPs) may be made on Yukon oil and gas lands in which oil and gas is under the administration and control of the Government of Yukon. Invitations for RFPs do not apply to Category 'A' Settlement Lands of Yukon First Nations, or lands belonging to the Government of Canada. For an indication of lands available for the acquisition of oil and gas rights, please refer to the Maps and Data page.

At the closing date for RFPs, and upon receipt of an RFP, Oil and Gas Resources will initiate the disposition process. If an RFP has not been received by the deadline set out in the Schedule of RFP Closing Dates, the disposition process will not proceed. The Minister is not obligated to accept any or all RFPs submitted, or to proceed with a Call For Bids.

In the event one or more RFPs are submitted for locations that overlap, or that include areas not available for the issuance of oil and gas rights, staff at Oil and Gas Resources will resolve any conflicts prior to the publication of a call for bids. Areas or locations that are not available for the issuance of rights will not be included in a CFB.

The size of a requested location may not exceed 500 square kilometres, or the equivalent of 160 sections, or 2 grid areas. For additional information about the Yukon oil and gas land division system see the Oil and Gas Land Division System Poster under the Rights Management Maps and Data section.

Important RFP Documents:

If you have any questions contact us at or call (867) 393-7042.

Peel Watershed Region

The Yukon government has adopted a land use plan as it applies to public lands within the Peel Watershed region.  The Peel Watershed Regional Land Use Plan applies strictly to public lands which form over 97 percent of the region.  The plan uses Protected Areas, Restricted Wilderness Use Areas and Integrated Management Areas to provide for an active management of lands and resources.  Maps of Yukon showing information related to oil and gas can be found here.

For more information, visit the Regional Land Use Planning website.

Schedule of RFP Closing Dates

Requests for Postings can be submitted any time, and will be reviewed semi-annually in accordance with the following schedule.

Date of Disposition RFP Closing Date RFP Review Call for Bids
Fall 2016 July 13, 2016  August and September 2016  TBD
Spring 2017  January 11, 2017  February and March 2017  TBD
Fall 2017  July 12, 2017  August and September 2017  TBD
Spring 2018  January 10, 2018  February and March 2018  TBD
Fall 2018 July 11, 2018 August and September 2018 TBD

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The Request for Posting Review (RFP Review)

When Requests for Postings (RFPs) are received, the Government of Yukon formally initiates an oil and gas rights disposition by conducting an RFP Review.  This process will include a two step review process.  Step one will begin with confidential government to government consultations with affected First Nations in whose traditional territories the RFPs are located, as well as an internal government review. 

The Minister will have an opportunity to review the outcome of the consultations with affected First Nations and other Yukon government departments prior to proceeding with the public review process.  This consultation may result in changes to the requested postings including the size and/or number of postings.

A 60 day public review will follow where the public can submit their comments on the RFPs.  The Division Head is asking for comments specific to environmental, socio-economic, and surface access concerns.  This information will be utilized to prepare a report and make a recommendation to the Minister regarding the requested locations.

To participate in the RFP Review Contact:
RFP Review
Government of Yukon
Department of Energy, Mines and Resources
Oil and Gas Resources
Suite 300, 211 Main Street
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Y1A 2B2
Fax: 867.393.6262

Links to Important Documents:

Those wishing to submit comments regarding RFPs may find the following reference material useful:

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Call For Bids (CFB)

The Call for Bids Process

A Call for Bids is an invitation to submit bids for posted locations. The Call for Bids is scheduled for a period of approximately 45 days.

The Government of Yukon has adopted a work bid process for most areas of Yukon. Work bids indicate the dollar amount of expenditures that proponents will commit over the initial term of a permit. The minimum work bid that will be accepted is $400,000. An oil and gas permit is awarded to the successful bidder submitting the highest work bid.

Work Deposits

The successful bidder is required to deposit 25 percent (25%) of the work commitment with the Government of Yukon when submitting the bid. Unsuccessful bidders will have their work deposits and permit issuance fees returned.

Work deposits may be replaced by an irrevocable letter of credit or any other form of negotiable financial instrument acceptable to the Minister. The work deposit is held by the Government of Yukon as security for carrying out the work outlined in the successful bid.

Refund of Allowable Expenditures

As work progresses, the work deposit is refunded to the person who originally furnished it. Refunds are proportionate to the allowable expenditures on work as it is completed. Refunds for expenditures and purchases are based on the Schedule of Allowable Expenditures included in the Oil and Gas Permit, and Supplemental Guidelines for the Schedule of Allowable Expenditures in oil and Gas Permits.

Links to Other Important CFB Documents

Persons submitting a bid may be interested in reviewing previous disposition documents.

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