Energy, Mines and Resources


Grazing Program

To meet the grazing needs of Yukon livestock owners, the Government of Yukon grants grazing rights on designated areas of public land to eligible applicants. Grazing rights are given to the applicant in the form of a grazing agreement.
Applications for grazing agreements are submitted to the Agriculture Branch where they are initially screened for conflicts with wildlife, existing land and resource uses, other land applications and aboriginal claims. The Agriculture Branch inspects the application area and assesses its suitability for grazing by determining the grazing capacity.
If the land included in your grazing application is suitable for grazing, further review will be required through either the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act (YESAA)  or the Yukon government Energy, Mines and Resources review. Most grazing applications are subject to a YESAA assessment by the appropriate YESAA Designated Office . The Designated Office will assess the project proposal and make a recommendation to the Yukon Government. If no major conflicts are identified through the review process and there is adequate graze, a grazing agreement can be issued.